An Aneros… for girls?!

The gorgeous guys at Lovehoney have sent me out a super exciting product to review - an Aneros prostate massager, wait for it, for women! It works just the same as its male counterpart but is ahaped a little differently to sit in the vagina and work with the g spot using Kegel exercises. I gave it to my Space Army Girl and this is what she had to say about it. Look out for it going on sale soon!


There is a feeling of excitement and titillation whenever I’m told of a new toy that couples can enjoy together. I’m even more interested when I learn such a toy can be used flying solo, so to speak. And the new Aneros for women achieves just that.

I always a little dubious with G-spot massagers. No two vaginas are the same, and there is no one distinct ‘spot’ we should focus on. Think of the G-spot as more of a postal code in your vagina, a region, rather than a singular postal box (pun intended). So while making a concerted effort to stimulate such a sensitive area yields some rather impressive results, it won’t do to simply run in blind and hope for the best. Another issue is some massagers have a tendency to ignore the clitoris, which is a crying shame when you realise both the vaginal and clitoral muscles are on the same orgasmic team.

Luckily for us, Aneros has incorporated both aspects into their design for women. Entirely hands-free, the curved head of the female massager is inserted into the vagina, coming to sit alongside the anterior wall. As the toy fits into place, the slim handle of the massager comes to rests along the clitoris, providing stimulation when the pelvis is rocked. The shape of the toy delivers touch and sensation on both counts, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it is rather comfortable to wear. And just a reminder; as with every other toy I decide is worthy of my vagina, I highly recommend using water-based lubricant before insertion.

The material is the same hard non-porous plastic from their line of prostate massagers, and extremely easy to clean. Often a sensitive area for women, I was concerned the handle may become too much to bear on the clitoris at the point of orgasm. But, as with any other toy, there are a variety of positions to test out with this massager with your partner. Try having your partner lie prostrate beneath you first while you wear the Aneros, rocking back and forth on top. This allows for the most stimulation on the clitoris while also rubbing against the G-spot area. But ultimately, the world is your oyster with this toy, and you don’t need someone else to reach that hands-free orgasm.

Achieving an orgasm hands-free, however, is something that takes a little practice, but it is definitely worthwhile. Women are often told the value of Kegel exercises, and the benefits of stronger pelvic floor muscles during sex. And they’re right. With this toy, I spent a few hours home by myself wearing it about the house, doing fairly domestic things like laundry, cooking, and dishes, all while wearing the Aneros. It was through the mid-drying cycle of my colours I reached the point of what I’m certain is, given the circumstances, the most comical orgasm I have achieved to date.

Ladies, I recommend calling in sick to work and having a day to explore with the Aneros. The toy does take a little getting used to but Kegel exercises are not just going to give this massager its time of day. Use the Aneros as both a stimulator and for pleasure during sex, but also as a work-out by yourself. The fact this toy can be used to strengthen your orgasms is my favourite aspect of the Aneros. I would recommend this not only to women wanting a toy to share with their partner, but also for women who wish to strengthen their pelvic floors, particularly after childbirth. Stronger pelvic floor muscles give stronger feelings during sex; who could say no to that?

So instead of that pilates class, take some time out with Aneros. Doing the dishes? Exercise with Aneros. Avoiding writing your Masters theses? Take one for the team and have a orgasm with Aneros. This toy can be used alone or with special company, and the benefits of its use extend beyond sex.


Space Army Girl


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